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re-engaging great candidates

Re-engaging awesome past candidates can reduce time to fill by 20+ days. But these candidates can be extremely time-consuming to find. Melior finds them for you.

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How it works

We crunch your ATS data to deliver a short-list of candidates who applied for a previous role, but are a strong fit for your current roles.

your ATS

Manually analyzing your candidate history is a pain. Integrate in a few minutes and Melior will do the analysis for you. Greenhouse required (for now!).

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If you have hired for a similar role in the past, Melior can help. This includes roles in Engineering, Sales, Marketing, Product, Customer Success, Data, Ops, and more.

Melior recommends strong candidates

Get a short list of top candidates to re-engage based on data from your ATS and Linkedin, with more info on why they're a good fit.

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