Our mission

We make hiring work better

Job seekers pour effort into interview processes, only to be ghosted or get little of value from all of their work.

Companies spend tremendous time and resources finding and evaluating candidates for similar types of roles. Qualified candidates are hard to find.

We built Melior to make the hiring process work better for everyone involved.

Our team

Ryan Markman

Ryan Markman

CEO & Co-founder

As COO of Metric Digital, Ryan led hiring as the company grew from a team of 5 to a team of 35. Prior to Metric Digital, Ryan was the GM of Facebook adtech platform Boostable. Ryan began his career at Bain & Company, where he and Greg met.

Greg White

Greg White


As a management consultant, private equity investor, and developer, Greg has built a career at the intersection of strategy and analytics. Greg leads product at Melior, building systems to help companies identify, vet, and hire strategically strong candidates. Greg has a joint MS in Computer Science and MBA from Stanford University.